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America's Most Interesting Town

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"America's Most Interesting Town"

Grand Prize winner of Reader's Digest's coveted award, "America's Most Interesting Town", is Lake Placid Florida, truly the Jewel in the crown of Highlands County. Ten terrific towns from all over the United States were in the running for this honor. At the end of the contest, Lake Placid, Florida stood out among the rest for the unique variety of its attractions. We are so proud of Lake Placid, and we invite you to come visit our beautiful town. You will be very welcome.

What makes Lake Placid Florida unique among towns? 

This small town is one and a half miles square and has approximately 1800 residents.  It is nestled in the center of the state among the hills of Highlands County on the Lake Wales Ridge.

Lake Placid has the distinction of being known by many titles.  It is known as the Town of Murals, with 47 larger than life historic murals forming an outdoor art gallery. Lake Placid is the Caladium Capital of the World, where 95% of the world's caladiums are grown and shipped all over the world.   The title of Florida's Outstanding Rural Community, was earned by the mural society in 1996.  The 27 beautiful pristine lakes that surround the town within seven miles give Lake Placid the title of Florida's Lake Country.  Lake Placid has the distinction of having more clowns per capita than any town in Florida, or for that matter maybe the country.  This is due to the American Clown Museum and School, which graduated over 1500 clowns since its beginning in 1993.

The murals of Lake Placid are Internationally known and have appeared in publications all over the United States, Canada and the world, from Athens Greece, Chemainus B.C., the Czech Republic and England to name just a few.

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