Caladium Capital of the World


It has been written that “When God finished creating flowers; he turned a flower into a leaf”.  He must have been referring to Caladiums.  Growers imported Caladium tubers from the Amazon River Valley of South America around the 1920s, and found they thrive in the rich black muck along the shores of Lake Istokpoga, on route 621, in Lake Placid Florida.   It was in the 1950s that several growers made caladiums a big business in this area.  There are over 1,000 acres dedicated to the growing of caladiums, and this has earned Lake Placid the proud title of Caladium Capital of the World.  

Our fields are in bloom from June until the end of October, when the tubers are harvested and shipped all over the United States, and overseas to South Africa, Turkey, Spain, Pakistan, and Europe.  
Our annual Caladium Festival, complete with arts and crafts booths, and continuous entrtainment, is always at the end of August, and draws thousands of people each year when the mature plants and the tubers are for sale,   For more information on the festival