Harriet and Bob Porter, founders of the Lake Placid Mural Society, look over 20 plus years of the Lake Placid Mural Society. 

Celebrate Lake Placid


Celebrate Lake Placid - America's Most Interesting Town


America's Most Interesting Town


Drum roll please!!!!!   LAKE PLACID IS THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!!!!


In 2013, Reader’s Digest voted Lake Placid ‘AMERICA’S MOST INTERESTING TOWN’.  We are very proud to have this title, and it inspired this beautiful mural ‘Celebrate Lake Placid’.
This mural is a collage of several parts of the murals of Lake Placid.  It embodies much of what Lake Placid is all about and what makes it so interesting.  The lakes, the citrus, the caladiums, our endangered species, the cowmen, the Indians, and Dr. Melvil Dewey who invented the Dewey Decimal System, and in 1927, named the town Lake Placid after his beloved Lake Placid in New York. 

"America's Most Interesting Town"

     Grand Prize winner of Reader's Digest's coveted award, "America's Most Interesting Town", is Lake Placid Florida, truly the Jewel in the crown of Highlands County. Ten terrific towns from all over the United States were in the running for this honor. At the end of the contest, Lake Placid, Florida stood out among the rest for the unique variety of its attractions. We are so proud of Lake Placid, and we invite you to come visit our beautiful town. You will be very welcome.

Lake Placid was 85 Years Old in 2012

In 2012  we celebrated Lake Placid's 85th birthday.  Just in time for our birthday year, Lake Placid Florida and Lake Placid New York have become sister cities. This is 85 years in the making.  Dr. Melvil Dewey, inventor of the Dewey Decimal system, came to Lake Stearns, Florida looking for a warmer climate.   

Caladium Capital of the World


It has been written that “When God finished creating flowers; he turned a flower into a leaf”.  He must have been referring to Caladiums.  Growers imported Caladium tubers from the Amazon River Valley of South America around the 1920s, and found they thrive in the rich black muck along the shores of Lake Istokpoga, on route 621, in Lake Placid Florida.   It was in the 1950s that several growers made caladiums a big business in this area.  There are over 1,000 acres dedicated to the growing of caladiums, and this has earned Lake Placid the proud title of Caladium Capital of the World.  

Lake Placid, FL - A One Tank Trip

If a picture is truly worth a 1,000 words, than Lake Placid, FL is worth a whole dictionary.  This tiny town is nestled in the rolling hills of the Lake Wales Ridge, just off route 27 in the heartland of central Florida.  Look for our Placid Tower, 270 feet above the ground.  Murals, Clowns, Arts and Crafts, History, are only a few of the many things that entice visitors to explore the area. 

Enjoy the Murals of Lake Placid

Come to the Lake Placid Chamber/Mural Gallery, 18 N. Oak St.  Open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. except holidays.  View a 10-minute video, which answers most of the questions visitors have asked. The original mural renderings are on display.   Purchase a $3.00 mural tour book.  The history of each mural is in the book.   The artist hides something in each mural, and the book tells you what to look for.  Sometimes the artist leaves something out.

Toby's Clowns

There may be only one museum dedicated to American Clowns and you'll find it in Lake Placid, Florida!  At last count, more than 1,500 significant pieces of clown memorabilia are located within the walls of the American Clown Museum and School.  You'll see clown clothing and art spanning the century.  Many pieces of circus art are here, including a life-size hand carved carousel horse as well as a large collection of clown figurines. 

Tour Lake Placid

Thousands of people visit each year to see our 46 beautiful internationally known historic murals.  Our 17 one-of-a-kind trash containers are all companion pieces to the murals.  Lake Placid has so much more to enjoy.  Toby's American Clown Museum takes you back in time, and brings back many happy memories of our favorite clowns.  You learn about the art of clowning.  The Caladium Arts and Crafts Cooperative is in a 10,000 sq. ft. building filled with fine arts and crafts. A great place to shop for that unusual gift. 

Lake Placid Art League

The Lake Placid Art League invites you to visit their art gallery and watch master woodcarvers at work on Thursdays from 9 am - 2 pm.  Classes are offered in a variety of media.  The Art League hosts an arts and crafts show on the last Saturday in January. LP Art League located at 127 Dal Hall Blvd. 863-699-2058